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Please tell me what you think about my site by taking the survey at the bottom of this page.  Thanks.
2-19-00:  I'm sorry for the long time since my update but I have been quite busy with school.  I should be updating fairly soon because I'll have a little time to work on my site.  I don't think you should expect updates as often as I used to make them because it's easier to just make large ones less often.  So far I have updated my Midi section and am creating a graphics and planets section.  Thanks for reading.
7-17-00:  Long time no update.  Actually I have made some minor updates but not included a summary like I am now.  I have created a computer accessories section where I uploaded some screen savers I have created.  I have made some wallpaper for your computer.  There is a japanese name section where you can find how to pronounce your name in japanese.  Thats basically it so enjoy.
6-17-00:  I have been very busy with final exams and haven't been able to work as much on the site.  I will be able to work on it soon though.  One very good thing that happend recently is that Tripod increased the amount of space they give from 11 MB to 50 MB.  Lets all hear it for Tripod *hooray*.
6-4-00:  I have fixed my guestbook so hopefully people can sign it, and thanks to one of my guestbook signers I have become aware of a problem I had in my biographies section and fixed it.  I plan on finishing the Starlights biographies and possibly zipping all the Midi's I have colledted and making them downloads because as it is now my Midi's take up 3.75 MB of my space at tripod and if I zip them they will only take up 656 K.  So as you can see it'll be hard not to zip them with the amount of space I would gain.  Well untill next time.
5-28-00:  Today I updated some general things and fixed some general bugs I had.  I'm still working thought so wish me best of luck.  I updated my gallery since the fourteenth also.
5-14-00:  Well I have updated some of the biographies, added some links, added a poll, and created the Sailor Moon Mysteries section, a section that deals with the mysteries of Sailor Moon.  I also have all the gallery sections up.  Unfortunatly I don't think I will be able to have video on my site like I had originally planed.  Sorry.