Sailor Mercury

Name:  Amy Anderson
Japanese Name:  Mizuno Ami
Name Meaning:  Friend of water
Birthday:  September 10th, 1978
Astrological Symbol:  Virgo
Blood Type:  A
Height:  5 feet 2 inches
Hobbies:  Studying, reading, computers
Likes:  Reading, playing chess
Dislikes:  Practical jokes
Strong Points:  Calculating, reasoning
Has Trouble With: Love letters
Characteristics:  Intelligent, dependable, friendly, caring, determination, shy
Fears:  Lousing her friends
Favorite Color:  Blue, Aquamarine
Favorite Gemstone:  Sapphire
Favorite Animal:  Cat
Favorite Subject:  Mathematics
Least Favorite Subject:  None (she loves learning)
Favorite Food:  Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food:  Yellowtail tuna
Dream:  To become a doctor like her mother
Transformations and attacks
Mercury Power:  Amy says this to transforms into Sailor Mercury using a power stick Luna gave her.
Mercury Bubbles Blast:  Sailor Mercury surrounds everyone in a shroud of myst.
Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze:  Sailor Mercury freezes her enemy with ice.
Mercury Star Power:  Amy transforms into Sailor Mercury with the power rod that Luna and Artemis gave her.
Mercury Ice Storm Splash:  Sailor Mercury freezes her enemy in ice.